The Art of the Square

The Art of the Square

Men have been wearing pocket squares for generations.  Once reserved for black tie events and bankers, the pocket square is now an opportunity for you to take your look from average to dapper.

A well chosen pocket square can add a fun pop of colour and interest to your overall look without being over powering.  I love wearing a neutral t-shirt and blazer with a patterned pocket square for a dapper casual look.  Or mixing tie and pocket square patterns for a “stand out in the crowd” look.

Here is some advice as you start venturing into the world of pocket squares:

1. Solid Colours.

For beginners, solid colours are the best place to start.

Choose a solid colour like white, black, or blue and begin to work those into your wardrobe.

2. Complement, Don’t Match.

If you are venturing out of a more neutral or solid pocket square, shoot for something that complements your overall look, but doesn’t look like you bought it in a box set (aka too “matchy-matchy”)

3. Experiment!

Your jacket pocket is the best place to experiment and have fun!

There are a ton of great companies that make handmade pocket squares in some great and unique patterns.

Check out my three favourite online pocket square companies

VanCity Squares ( (

Oxford Square (

4. Know Your Folds.

The square fold is the most sleek and GQ looking fold.  It’s easy to master and gives a polished, modern look.  The puff is the most casual (and again is easy to master) and pairs well with a t-shirt or button up with no tie.  Really you can’t go wrong with how you fold your pocket square, and there are tons of tutorials on pocket square folding online.

I would love to see what looks you come up with as you incorporate some pocket squares into your daily look..  Post a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #theroadtodapper.

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