Tech Gift Guide 2018

Tech Gift Guide 2018

Today’s gift guide is all about the guy who is in love with his technology!

1. Ember Ceramic Mug from Starbucks

This first product has revolutionized my coffee drinking experience!  Anyone else put their coffee down at home/work and forget about it until your coffee is cold?  The Ember mug maintains your preferred temperature to offer the perfect sip every time.  Available now at Starbucks (also comes in a travel mug).

2. Super Thin Wireless Charger

Since getting a new iPhone this fall, I am all over the wireless charging technology!  What I love most about this charger from Peel is the minimalist design.  It looks great on our side table in the living room.  It also comes in Black!

3. Super Thin iPhone Case

I am not a huge fan of bulky cases, which is why this Peel thin, minimalist case is right up my alley.  It comes in a bunch of different colours and sizes to fit different phones.  Protects your phone from scratches.  It also has a subtle lip that protects the protruding camera lens.

4. Glass Screen Protector

If you saw my Instagram stories from a few weeks ago you know that my phone got dropped.  LUCKILY I had the Peel Glass screen protector on it.  My screen was saved…although I did have to order a new screen protector.

5. Apple Watch Strap

One of my favourite things about the Apple Watch is how easy it is to switch out the straps.  But I haven’t done much switching after getting this strap from Nomad.  This limited edition strap is made with Horween Leather’s legendary Shell Cordovan.  It’s designed to be unique and gives your Apple Watch a classic, yet bold, new look!

6. Rugged iPhone Case

Maybe the guy in your life is a little more accident prone…and needs a more rugged case for their phone.  The Nomad Rugged Case protects your phone from a 6ft drop!  It is also made of Black Horween leather that develops over time to create a unique look to your case.

7. Tile

Last but not least, I think that Tile’s are such a cool product.  Whether you loose your keys frequently or maybe you want to add it inside your bag in case it gets lost or stolen.  And Tile connects you to the world’s largest search party so everyone using the app within range of your lost item can update its location for you.