T-Shirts and Suits?

T-Shirts and Suits?

Well guys, September is here and that means that in Vancouver the weather can be unpredictable.

A great transitional look to work into your wardrobe is a t-shirt with your suit.

Wearing a suit and tie is the classic dapper look for most men, but when the weather is warmer, it’s nice to mix it up.  Use a look like this in the transition between summer and fall or between spring and summer.

There are a few great things about a look like this.  One, you probable already have some nice t-shirts and jackets so it doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a lot of new items.  And second, it’s a pretty foolproof look to put together.

Here are some tips to pull off this look:

  • Choose a well fitting t-shirt or henley.  Your shirt should fit well and not be too loose.
  • A patterned or stripped shirt can make a bold statement.  A solid or natural coloured shirt makes for a classic look.
  • You can wear a full suit with your t-shirt or if you rock a more casual look sometimes like me, pair your t-shirt with a blazer and some denim or chinos.
  • With a look like this your footwear choices are wide open!  Sneakers, boots, monks – they all work depending on how dressy you want the look to be.

Whether you are running errands in the afternoon, headed for dinner and drinks in the evening, or meeting friends for a weekend brunch, this look will work for you!

I would love to see what looks you come up!  Post a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #theroadtodapper.

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