One car. Endless possibilities.

One car. Endless possibilities.


I had the privilege of spending a week with a Genesis G90 from my friends over at Open Road Auto Group.


My experience with Genesis actually began at my house.  One of the things that sets Genesis apart from other car dealerships is that home delivery and home servicing is the standard.  Everything happens at your home or office – from the test drive to purchasing, and even servicing – they bring the Genesis experience to you.  And honestly it was awesome to have the Genesis G90 dropped right at my doorstep (although it was less awesome to see it drive away at the end of my experience).

This is the luxury car experience that you should expect, but that most brands fail to deliver on.



The Genesis G90 is so much more than a car. It’s an experience.


From work to play to school drop off to date night.  This car can do it all.  And do it all in luxury and style.

Having the Genesis G90 for a week, I really got to put it through the paces of my everyday life.  It easily transitioned from work during the day, to date night in the evening.  My wife and I went on a date night into downtown Vancouver and obviously the Genesis came with us.  I was impressed with how easily it transitioned from highway to city driving; and the luxurious interior added to the special date night.  The 360 degree cameras with arial view made parking the Genesis G90 a dream in some tight downtown spots!

My oldest, Ayden, said he felt like a king when I dropped them off at school in the morning.  Every seat in the Genesis G90 has more than enough leg room; and you can even allow access to control the media from the centre console in the back seats!



As you can probably tell by the pictures, this car is designed from front to back with luxury in mind.

The interior features real wood in the dash and all the technology features we have come to expect and some that are unexpected (like a wireless charging pad for your phone).

I loved driving the Genesis G90.  It handled amazing around corners, and provides a quiet, smooth ride…until you put it in sport mode and step on it 🙂




Styling, power, and luxury = the Genesis G90.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, go give my friends at Genesis Vancouver or Richmond a call and have them bring luxury to you.

Thanks again to my friends at Open Road Auto Group for the amazing experience!