Laundry Day

Laundry Day

There is something great about coming home from a longer trip; the familiarity of your own space, sleeping in your own bed, and not living out of a suitcase being some of them.

But the inevitable thing about coming home from a trip of any length is LAUNDRY!  And boy did we have laundry to do – it took 8 loads of varying types and sizes in one 24 hour period to do our families laundry from our trip!


A few months ago I got the opportunity to try out the Frey for Men line of premium laundry detergent and fabric care.


Now I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, because normally we use unscented laundry detergent.  My biggest concern was that the scent would be way too overpowering and would be a turn off on using the product.  Boy was I wrong!  The smell is great and subtle enough to notice it but not have it be overpowering.  The scent keeps our laundry room, closet, and dresser smelling fresh and great.


Besides the scent, I also love that Frey is a premium detergent at a great price.  It is formulated without the use of harsh chemicals and is designed to keep your clothes looking better for longer.  They also give away 10% of all their net profits to charity.


My friends over at Frey for Men have offered a special 20% off coupon code for you next order – just head over to and use code: ROADTODAPPER20


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