Last Minute Deighton Cup Prep

Last Minute Deighton Cup Prep

Well everyone, it’s that time of year again…time for Vancouver’s most stylish event. The Deighton Cup is happening this Saturday (and yes, there are still tickets available).

I’m bummed that we aren’t able to make it to the Deighton Cup this year, as it’s always one of my favourite events to attend.

Here’s my look from 2017:

Now stereotypically, us guys aren’t the best at planning our outfits and wardrobes in advance. So you may just be starting to think about what you are going to wear on Saturday.

I had the chance to visit the Yaletown Indochino last week to talk all things Deighton Cup style.

Indochino is one of the style sponsors of the Deighton Cup and has put together a Deighton Cup Collection featuring some very Style Stakes worthy looks.

The Deighton Cup is all about colour, patterns, and mix and matching.

One of the best parts about heading into Indochino is that you get to fully customize your suit. The downside when you are planning for a specific event is that you need to think ahead! Because your suit isn’t made till you order it, they generally take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

If you have dragged your feet and are now rushing to put together your Deighton Cup look, you are in luck. I learned something new about Indochino that I didn’t know before I visited. They sell ties and pocket squares that are ready to go right away!

So if you are putting together your look in the next few days here’s what I recommend:

  • Grab one of your suit jackets or blazers.
    • Pick the brightest or lightest coloured one you have – a pattered one is even better.
  • Pair them with some white chinos or denim.
    • Since it’s summer and the weather looks great for Saturday, you want a shorter hem or cuff your pants to be a little shorter
  • Throw on a white dress shirt and a pair of loafers
  • Head into your local Indochino Showroom and get them to help you pick a bold tie and pocket square to complete your look.
  • Don’t forget to grab a dapper hat if you’ve got one!

I’d love to hear about the look that you put together for the Deighton Cup or your experience with Indochino. Tag me (@theroadtodapper) in your Deighton Cup Instagram pictures this weekend!

And while I’m not able to make the Deighton Cup this weekend, Indochino is hooking me up with a new suit – which will be perfect for next year’s day at the races! Watch in August for me to post some photos and my full experience with Indochino!

I want to thank the team over at Indochino for the great experience and the new suit. I can’t wait to rock it. Oh, and as always, all opinions are my own.