Welcome here.

My name is Jon, aka the Road to Dapper.

I am a men’s fashion and lifestyle content creator located in the Vancouver, BC area.

The first question I often get is how did I get started with @theroadtodapper on Instagram.  Well, I started my men’s style Instagram journey in early 2016.  I had been following and getting inspiration for a while from some guys on Instagram who were posting their daily flat lays and looks they pulled together.  As I began to integrate their tips into my own wardrobe and started to elevate my own style, I started to get compliments and style questions about my outfits from people I’d run into in my daily life.  The natural next step was to launch my own Instagram platform.

Fast forward time and here we are with theroadtodapper.com!

Fashion/style blogging isn’t the only thing that I do.  I also work at Village Church.

I’ve been married to my wife (who is an elementary school teacher) since 2006 and we have two kids!

My goal for this site is to be able to share trends, looks, and my style thoughts to help the average guy take the next step down the road to becoming more dapper.

Thanks for stopping by the Road to Dapper.

Let’s head down the road to becoming more dapper together!